In the twenty-two year history of this project there have been no drug or alcohol related incidents involving our students following prom. With a Junior-Senior class of nearly 200 students, we are proud that more that 80% of our eligible students attend. This record of success is due primarily to the willingness of area business and individuals to make contributions to the celebration, therefore making it more desirable for our students to attend Project Prom than to celebrate elsewhere.

Trimble County High School’s Project Prom is supported by the school, faith based community, local and regional businesses and community. Since 1998, the Trimble CARES Coalition and Project Prom Committee with help of community volunteers from Trimble County have organized this annual post-prom celebration.

Project Prom offers hours of entertainment, games, food and prizes. (April 27, 2019-after prom to 6:00 AM on April 28, 2019) We had a great time!

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Looking forward to 2021 Project Prom!

Thank You to EVERYONE

that helped in EVERYWAY !