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Next Mental Health Committee Meeting is on April 2, 2020

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Mental Health Committee Meeting Notes

February 6, 2020 

In attendance: Brittany Brown, Todd Reynolds, Krystal Miller, Agina Auxier, Douglas Salisbury, Billy Mathews, William Robertson, Michelle Hayden, Heather Barnes, David Myers, Andrea Howerton, Denise Hall, Elizabeth Jackson, David Eddy, Jennifer Hardigree, Derek Priester, Andrea Dunlap, Jane Proctor, Shawna Jent, Gloria Berry and Will McCoy.

The meeting began with a quick overview of our purpose for meeting. At a Trimble CARES Coalition meeting a few months ago, it was brought to the attention of the group that there were limited resources for mental health and substance abuse issues in the county. We formed this committee to look for ways to find the available resources and plan to educate and enhance awareness. At the first meeting, it was the consensus of the group that maybe communication was needed between the agencies offering the services and those network providers looking for ways to meet their client’s needs. A referral form was discussed and made available to the school district.

Today’s meeting began with Elizabeth Jackson from Centerstone to assist with where we go from here. We know we can utilize the Trimble Centerstone office as needed. As referrals come in, we can grow with the needs of the county. There are untapped resources that can be utilized as the needs arise.

Gloria Berry distributed a #stopthestigma flyer with information on common mental health illnesses and how Centerstone can help as well as our appropriate language dealing with mental health issues.

We discussed how the community, schools, and faith based community can enhance awareness. The Trimble CARES Coalition is planning an Education Series and will incorporate Mental Health issues into this series.

The communication continued after the meeting to form another small sub-committee consisting of Centerstone therapist, COMPASS, Social Services and members of Substance Recovery groups. This is a great step toward accessing resources and communicating how to meet the needs.

Attached are flyers that may be helpful as we proceed toward our goals of making Trimble County safe and healthy for our families.